USB mic is recognized, but mic settings ignored

I have a Maono PD200X microphone that I can hear correctly using the Maono Link control panel - volume control and filters all work. But when recording in Audacity, the mic settings are ignored and volume is low.

Audacity assumes that digital microphones arrive with their settings and adjustments already performed. Your use of the driver software is perfectly normal and expected.

Audacity has a pile of requests to allow filters, corrections, and adjustments to happen on recording. We on the help forum know what complete chaos that would cause.


If I understand this answer correctly, whatever I have my mic settings at when I open Audacity is fixed for that recording and cannot be adjusted from the mic on the fly. I’ve tried this and Audacity ignores the setting. It records at low volume and no applied filter.

The podcast microphone has a 2-in-1 smart knob to adjust mic gain

That’s from the microphone instructions. You can adjust the volume at the microphone. “2-in-1 smart knob” is advertising speak for “normal humans will never figure this out.”


Truly said! (the “normal humans” part)
I’ve also tried using the “2-in-1 smart knob” to manually adjust mic volume - Audacity does not recognize the adjustment.

Recording from a USB microphone used to send the Audacity recording controls all the way up and freeze them. The latest Audacity versions have little rectangles inside the bouncing sound meter to set volume. I just found that yesterday. One reason I use an older Audacity for day-to-day recording.


That means instead of actually setting voice volume inside the microphone, it sends commands to the driver interface software to do the work.

[runs screaming into the night].


Ah - that makes sense … sadly.
I did see the “little rectangles” in the volume meter bar - already set at 100%.

It sounds like the only solution is to dump the USB connection and run the mic through a soundboard. (?)

We have a joke that is becoming less and less of a joke. There is a Technology Threshold. Something gets improved so much it stops working.

In think in your case, you should use the driver software and forget normal microphone function.


That does work and that will give you some odd advantages. The cable length restriction for USB is around four feet. The cable length for XLR is something north of 100 feet. That’s how rock bands get their voice to the mixing desk somewhere in the audience.

I still think you should just use the driver as intended.


Thanks for engaging in a serial exchange - someone with patience!
I have long said technology is outpacing our ability to manage it, similar to your joke that isn’t a joke anymore.

I did not understand your last suggestion, as Audacity does not recognize the driver software controls.

Have you ever driven a Prius? It’s a car dripping with advanced technology. However, when I want to make the radio louder, I reach over—without looking—and rotate the volume control knob.


Back to the top and reading again…


When you press the driver software into service, it’s possible that its output “looks like” something different than the raw microphone. Look in the Audacity Device listing for the driver’s sound, or something you don’t immediately recognize.


[Harumph, caff, caff] What did the microphone instrutions say?


Yes, I know I sound a bit like old children’s song, “There’s a hole in my bucket …”
I guess I don’t know what “just use the driver software” means.
(Driver was installed and mic functions … ?) If you can address that, I’ll leave you in peace with appreciation.

Hang on - I hit send before seeing you just sent more info. Reading …

I think I have enough input to explore further. Thanks for taking the time!

You have to promise to report back when you sort it. That’s how we know how to help other people. This is a forum, not a help desk.


Got it. As a new member, this is a good reminder.