USB Mic Extreme Noise, clicks


I am new to Audacity and this forum and a “noob” as they say. So apologies if if do not know what I am talking about.

Anyway I have just purchased a CAD USB U1 mic for some basic vocal recording. But I am getting really bad noise, with clicks every second or so when recording. Even when I isolate the the mic in a box with foam soundproofing and hit record, the noise and clicks remain. So it is not an issue of background noise.

Weather I use Audacity, Soundforge or the basic windows sound recorder I get the same loud hiss and clicks.

I have updated my drivers but to no avail.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If you record “silence” with the microphone do you still get clicks?

This happens if you use a USB hub. USB Audio Devices need a direct wired pathway to the computer.

Yes the noise and clicks persist when recording silence, even when the mic is completely isolated.

I thought this. But I get the same results when I connect the mic direct.

Could you post one of those clicks as a WAV file.
To make a wave file with a click, make a recording, then stop the recording. Select a couple of seconds of the track by clicking and dragging along the waveform, then from the File menu select “Export Selection” and select “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM” as the file type.
Attach the WAV file to your reply using the “Upload attachment” feature (below the compose message box).

Ok, I have up loaded a sample.

Some other info.

The “input level meter” for the mic, even when the windows mic level volume is on it’s lowest setting, is still around a third full. And constantly moves even with no sound input. At this level any recording is barley audible.

To record my voice at a reasonable level I have to turn the windows mic level to almost full. But the hiss and clicks are as loud as my voice. I have uploaded a sample of that as well.

My guess is that you’re recording in the UK.

The buzz is at 50 Hz which is the frequency of mains power in the UK. Interference as bad as that suggests to me that there is a ground connection missing somewhere.
Are you able to test the microphone with a different USB cable (if it’s detachable) and a different computer, preferably in a different house?
It sounds to me like the microphone is faulty, but it would be good to rule out other possibilities.