USB Keyboard Setup

Audacity 2.2.1 (only download there was) - Windows 10 (current updated release 12-4-17) - Laptop

Have a USB (USB Powered) Alesis Q25 keyboard connected, it has power, it does show in Win10 device manager.

How do I configure this to record an additional track on a current recording?
Does not show in devices in Audacity.
No drivers or software are required for the keyboard.
I did search for the settings/instructions both online and in the forums, I could no find.

Any help/advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe

You missed some words. It’s a USB MIDI musical keyboard Controller.

It needs something to control.

A MIDI keyboard doesn’t produce music. It produces MIDI instructions that you apply to a MIDI interpreter, sequencer or other MIDI software. It’s that software that produces the music and then you can tell Audacity to record that.

Does the keyboard have a headphone connection? That would be actual music and you can adapt that connection to the computer.

The keyboard doesn’t have a lot of good instructions on-line, so I couldn’t tell much about it.