USB input no sound

Trying to digitise my records but am having difficulty recording anything.
My computer recognises the usb input but is a flat line when I press record.

Computer is running on osx 11.4
Audacity is version 3.1.3

Set up is:
Lp40wn connected to a Fosi Audio DA2120B via RCA to AUX, which is then connected via a pc-usb cable to my computer.

I’ve tried restarting audacity, changing usb wires, rescanning audio devices, reinstalling audacity and selecting the input source in system preferences. Nothing has worked so far so any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 1.42.22 PM.png

Does Audacity have permission to use the “microphone”? See
– Bill

yup still nothing :frowning:

Click on Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Select the USB input. Play a record. Does the input level meter bounce?
– Bill