USB hub + BLUE Yeti microphone

Hi, I have recently purchased a Blue Yeti USB microphone for home recording of vocals and guitar.

One thing that bothers me is having to unplug the mic from the back of my computer
every time I want to turn it off. I was thinking of getting a USB hub with and ON/OFF switch,
place it on my desk and connect the yeti to it.

What I’m wondering though is if it will affect the latency or data transfer rate and therefore
affect the sound. I would only plug THIS one device into the hub.

I was looking at this one.

Even though I would prefer a hub/extension with only one USB out, I haven’t been able to find any decent ones with an on/off switch.

So I guess my question is: Will connecting a blue Yeti to a USB hub affect the latency and transfer rate in a noticeable way?
Any response Is much appreciated.

Generally, using a USB hub is not recommended. You should certainly not share the hub with any other high data throughput devices.
My guess is that if the mic is the only device connected to the hub there will probably be no noticeable detrimental effects.
The question that I would be asking myself is, “if it doesn’t work, can I find another use for the hub?”

Thanks for the reply,
The answer is unfortunately no since I don’t have, nor plan to get any more USB 2.0 devices any time soon.
It’s just a matter of convenience, not having to reach to the back of my case every time I’m not using the mic.

I guess I’ll have to suck it up though. :stuck_out_tongue: Unless you have any other suggestions.


Keep the packaging and open it carefully. It could be a Christmas present for someone :smiley:

Yeah, why not. I’ve gotten worse :smiley:

One thing that bothers me is having to unplug the mic from the back of my computer
every time I want to turn it off.

One of my computers at work has a [u]USB Extension Cable[/u] “permanently” plugged into the back so I don’t have move the computer out to plug something in.

If your computer has an unused drive bay, there are various [u]Front Panel USB Kits[/u].

Thank you for replying.
I do have some USB ports in the front of my case, although I’ve read/heard that it is not recommended
to plug any devices that require low latency and hight transfer speed into them and use the motherboard I/O instead.

It might just be some audiophile elitist BS I’ve read on some forum though. : P
Any thoughts?

If it works, then no reason not to use it.
Technically, using a front port is similar to going through a hub. The main problem to watch out for is “skipping” and “clicks”.

Just wanted to post a little update.

I have tried using a front USB port on my case and haven’t noticed any difference in terms of sound quality! :slight_smile:
It is not the best solution but beats having to use a port on the back of the case.
I’ve realized that getting a HUB with 4 USB slots just to plug one device into is not really justifiable in my eyes, even though its not expensive.
I’ll definitely be looking out for a extension cable with an onoff switch though in the future.

thanks again for all the replies.