USB headset - record both caller and myself


Is it possible to simulataneously record a two way conversation over a USB headset using audacity please? I have tried many combinations of settings and checked the manual butcannot find how to record the sound from another person calling me and my own voice as I speak back to them. THis could be a skype call or za conference call on zoom.

If it is possible please tell me how.



Voip software such as Zoom and Skype take control of the sound card, and that gets in the way of Audacity. The easiest solution is to use Zoom’s built-in recorder. For Skype there is a 3rd party app called “Pamela” - last time I looked there was a feature limited free version of Pamela.

Audacity cannot directly record streaming audio (from Zoom) and your microphone at the same time, unless the mic input is also directed to the sound card output, but that is blocked by Zoom.

Fair warning there is a delay between the end of the performance and the delivery of the files as Zoom “processes” the data, so don’t promise somebody instant posting of your show. Zoom went underwater for a while when everybody on earth with a pulse wanted to Zoom at the same time.



Thank you for your replies.

As a workaround, would it be possible to simultaneously have two separate audacity windows open and set one to record my mirophone and another to record the sound input via the USB card.

Presumably they two tracks could be merged afterwards. This isnt ideal but it better than nothing I think if it is possible?


separate audacity windows open

Did you try it? I think you can have two Audacity windows open on the same show, but not doing two different recording sessions. Audacity makes good use of the computer’s single Play and single Record service. As far as I know, it can’t make up new pathways, and it can’t steal pathways away from Zoom or Skype.

The “trick” is not record on the same computer running Zoom. It seems like you should be able to do that, but it’s an elusive prize. Zoom’s business model is to take over the computer. That’s the only way it can maintain perfect stability, good sound quality, and company value.

One poster was going to try Voicemeeter software to create additional pathways and software mixers inside the computer. No word back whether it worked or not. Unless somebody posts a step-by-step, we assume it didn’t.

You can throw computers at it. Connect a separate silent (muted) computer to the Zoom conference and then record the speaker sound (on something else). That separate computer will have a mix of all the voices.

I do it with two computers and a sound mixer. One computer running Zoom and the other recording the mixer show. Cross the microphone and speaker sounds in the mixer as needed. You need the sound mixer to get your microphone and the far-side sound.

If you hit something do post back how you did it.


There is a Desperation Method. Set up the Zoom call hands-free and then record the room. Start your phone on Sound Recorder and place it on the table between the computer and you. The quieter your room is and the better speakers your laptop has, the better the recording.

Don’t forget to turn the ringer and alerts off.



I use microsoft teams and use a headset. I cannot figure out to record the caller on the other end as well, it only records my voice. Has anyone figured this out yet and can advise?

Please see the replies that have already been posted in this thread.

Both Skype and Zoom will record the conference on their servers. Download the files later. I understand Zoom can produce independent sound files for the people in the conference. Mix for your podcast as needed.

Each person can greatly increase the quality of their voice by wearing headphones. Do not run Hands-Free and do not allow any conference voices loose in your room.

Ordinary voice recording rules apply. The quieter your room is with the fewest echoes, the better.

There is no known, good, reliable way to record everything on one Zoom computer. It’s not your computer during the meeting. It belongs to Zoom.