USB Guitar Link Cable Problems

HEy all, i recently ordered a USb guitar link cable on ebay so i can record music on my computer. It came in today with a CD and everything. When opening the cd it has this

-File: Driver → Setup.Exe
-File: Guitar Rig 2 → Guitar Rig 2.2.1 Setup.Exe

Upon opening the manual, it says to not connect the device to the comp yet, and to run the setup application in the driver file. Doing so will setup the USB driver and then id have to go into Guitar Rig and set the Output Device to ‘Behringer USB Audio’

When trying to run the setup exe, it doesnt do anything for a while then pops up with a window saying
‘Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.’

This is bullshit, as i am the admin and can do watever the hell i want lol.

So i was wondering what next. I cant just ignore it because i need the setup to run the driver so i can use the program, though there are 2 other drivers there

-ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver

So i need help. Im a newb to all this MIDI, driver and recording stuff. IS there an alternate driver setup i can download? where from? if not what else can i do.

All help is greatly appreciated :smiley:

Which Windows?

Audacity doesn’t support ASIO software.

None of this is MIDI.

It might have been interesting to just plug the device in cold, set Windows looking for the USB Sound Device, set Audacity looking for the same thing and start recording. I suspect strongly what you are actually installing is the fancy-pants overdubbing, sound-on-sound, and multi-track software. You don’t need any of that just to record a G-Major chord from the guitar.

Unless somebody proves me wrong, most USB devices just install by plugging them in and you get simple USB services.


kool thanks alot mate

There is a wikipedia page …

Please I have a problem, I also ordered “USB GUITAR LINK CABLE” , and I didn’t got the CD, please could someone be kind and send me the driver on my E-Mail or give me the link, or just give me an universal driver, please I need it.
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It’s a plug-and-play device, most likely. If not, you should try checking the driver up on their site. Errors in devices like these are usually because your USB drivers aren’t working, IMO.

If it’s an “Alesis Guitar Link Cable”, you don’t need drivers.
If your computer does not recognise the drive you’ll need to contact the manufacture or supplier for support.