Usb Flash Drive Recorder Records in a wierd sequence

Hello, very first time here and seeking some help to a problem with a usb flash drive recorder I am using. The usb recorder is made by Mini Gadgets. The recorder records in sequences of 4 hrs continuously and has a capacity of 15hrs recording time. The problem I’ve encountered is that when I started recording, the first 4hrs were completely fine with its time and date stamps. After its first sequence something strange happens and the recorder goes out of wack. The second 4hr sequence or should I say what should have been the 2nd sequence didn’t to my knowledge record anything at all and the time and date stamps just go completely out of sequence. Its initial time stamp begins in sequence but its finishing stamp gets wacked out. The third sequence starts about 3hrs when the 2nd sequence should have been recording and the date and time stamps are just all wrong. Not sure how this could have happened and its my first time using these recorders that I have ever encountered such a thing. Hope someone out there may share some knowledge on what may have happened. Almost like there was some type of interference of some type that caused it to go out of wack. I will attach a photo of the sequences for reference. In the picture you will see the first sequence begin at 00-53-25hrs and end at 4hrs, followed by what should have been the 2nd continuous sequence at 04-53-25hrs, but did not record. Following that starts recording about 3hrs later for about an 1:19min when I stoped it, but you will see that the time stamps that time are completely wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all.

I don’t see how we can troubleshoot that device. It sounds like a problem with its file system.

Are multiple files OK if they are less than 4 hours? Maybe the full 4-hours (or more) is over-flowing the maximum file size and corrupting something.

Do you have remaining space on the USB drive?

There are lots of good solid state recorders. Zoom makes several. But you might have to pay more.

If the battery ran out that may have corrupted the second WAV.

Maybe the recording can be salvaged from the device with something like RECUVA or PhotoRec.

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