USB Dual Pre to MacBook Pro Set Up

I bought a USB Dual Pre Two Channel Preamplifier Interface, plugged in two good Shure mics, plugged the output into the USB port in my MacBook Pro
and adjusted all the dials and buttons in a way that made sense to me. I then dictated a slide show on Keynote and this is what I got.
Is this a normal output for this configuration?
If not, could someone show mercy toward a newby like me and simply tell me how to set this up?
I have to re-record the above presentation and have a newer one in the works.

What exactly are you unhappy with? Is it that the left channel is much louder then the right channel?

Thanks for responding. Yes, the mix seems to be 90% left channel and 10% right.
Could it be because one microphone is a Peavey i Unidirectional and the other
a more professional Shure Beta 58A.
If not, how might I balance out the mix?
Can I use the Shure only and mix it via the pre-amp?
Do I need to go through the Audacity software program some how?

I don’t have time to listen to the entire video, but there only seems to be one voice, with no live external sounds, so I don’t understand why stereo is needed.

You can just open the Audacity project, then use Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono which will play the voice equally in both left and right of a stereo playback device.

If fake stereo is required for some reason, see How to turn mono into stereo other than just duplicating .

If there really is some unique content in left and right, open the Track Drop-Down Menu , choose “Split Stereo Track” and use the L…R pan sliders on the Track Control Panel to adjust as required. You may need to Effect > Normalize… afterwards to readjust the volume level.

Yes you could try using only one mic if there is no stereo content and set Audacity to record in mono in Device Toolbar .