USB Drum kit connectivity?

Just started using Audacity so far great with vocals & guitar but has anyone managed to connect USB wireless drum kit from guitar hero to pc to use with audacity? My mate did it on mac with garageband just wondering if it’s possible.

Is the USB connection an “audio interface” or a “MIDI” interface?
(Check the manual if you are unsure).
It would also be helpful if you gave the make and model number of the drum-kit (and if possible a link to an on-line manual).

I am using presonus Audiobox USB interface.The actual drum kit is from the playstation3 guitar hero game made by Activision. There is a USB dongle to connect to the PS3 or pc and a control box to receive on the kit. So there is no actual manual.

Where does the drum sound come out from? Is there a headphone socket on the drum kit?

I suspect that the drum kit is just a “controller” that “triggers” sounds in the game and does not actually create drum sounds itself.

Do you have a Playstation3? If you do, then you could connect the audio output from the Playstation to the audio input of your Presonus Audiobox and record it that way.

The sound is triggered by the USB connection and you can choose from lots of different kits, Rock,techno and so on. Every pad can be assigned a different drum, snare,high hat cymbal the sound comes out of the computer. It works with garageband where you can monitor your tracks and add percussion to it. The PS3 has no software to be triggered as in garageband, but there is software for pc like EZdrummer. I was hoping that someone had tried this method with Audacity and if so what software is needed to run it for Audacity to recognise it.

That clarifies the question.

You don’t actually want to record the guitar hero drum kit (because it doesn’t make any sounds), but you want to record sounds created by software on your PC (triggered by the guitar hero drum kit).

Audacity does not support MIDI, so you cannot directly trigger sounds in Audacity. Garage band does support MIDI and has a MIDI sampler that can produce sounds, and record them when it receives MIDI messages.

Recording sounds that are playing on your computer depends on the sound card drivers. In some cases it is as simple as selecting “Stereo Mix” as the recording input. Sometimes it is more tricky and sometimes it requires workarounds. See here for information about recording sounds that are playing on the computer:

Thanks for that info.