USB Device Not Recognized

Bought a “Super USB Cassette Capture” and it shipped with Audacity. Your forum looks great, I’m just not seeing a drivers section to enable the device.

Same error message on two different computers, both running Windows 7.

We don’t make any USB or other kinds of hardware, so we don’t store drivers for them.

If Windows doesn’t recognise the device, Audacity won’t. Please try all these steps here:

Additional drivers are not normally required for USB cassette decks or turntables. They use the Windows USB Audio Class drivers. If you believe your device needs drivers after following the above steps, please contact the device manufacturer. If you need to return the device, please look in its Manual for the correct way to do that.


Much appreciated. I’m guessing the device is going to have to be returned. If there are no drivers on the disc and two different computers don’t recognize it automatically, it’s probably a lost cause.

You can go here to get full information about this

The link has now moved to here: Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual