USB connected mic to Audacity for MAC

I found ACX and RMS Normalize and downloaded them but have tried every which way to install/execute and I’m stuck.

You got semi-lucky. In working with one of other posters, it turns out some Macs like to change the filename of the plugins that download. It’s not enough of the time to ring bells, but it’s often enough to be a pain in the neck. One of those problems impossible to figure out until you get lucky.

Start with where you download files. I use my desktop, your mileage may vary. Right Click or Control-Click Acx-check.ny > Get INFO.

Somewhere down the INFO panel should be the “official” filename window. I bet it doesn’t say Acx-check.ny. I bet it says Acx-check.ny.txt.

Highlight and delete the .txt part. OK the warnings. Close the INFO panel.

Now drag Acx-check.ny to the Audacity plugins folder.

Acx-check.ny appears in Analyze, not Effect. Add/ Remove Plugins.

Some of that is abbreviated. Let us know if you get lost.

Do that little dance to RMS-Normalize. That one appears in Effects, not Analyze.

I lived in Greenpoint down the block from the India St. fire station. Street traffic and all night subway were nothing compared to a hook and ladder.


I do have CFL lamps as well as LED. Maybe one of those is the mystery noise.

Start recording a sound test, light a candle (if you need one) and turn all the lights off. Semi-announce what you’re doing. “Here goes the desk lamp!”

Do you have the microphone on a towel and book so it doesn’t pick up trash from the floor or table?


Filename is “Acx-check.ny.txt” which I knew wo INFO window. It’s named that way beneath folder.
I renamed.
I can’t drag “ACX-Check.NY” into that window. Unless I’m doing something very wrong. That is the plug-ins folder, right?

RMS-Normalize.NY doesn’t have .txt extension. But I also can’t drag it into EFFECTS->Add/Remove Plug-Ins. Maybe I’m dragging it incorrectly. They just keep going back to desktop.

Mic is on a tall stand. Round base on thick rug.

Found it.

Have to drag it to…very intuitively…

Users->Bonnie->Library->Application Support->Audacity->PlugIns.

ACX and RMS-Normaliaze were in Analyze AND Effects. I enabled ACX in Analyze and RMS in Effects. And they now appear in those drop downs.

So now I have to figure out how to do these:

Effect > Notch Filter: 120Hz, Q2 > OK‬‬
‪Effect > Notch Filter: 95Hz, Q2 > OK‬‬

‪Effect > Equalization: Low Rolloff for Speech, Length: 5000 > OK ‬‬
‪Effect > RMS Normalize: -20dB > OK‬‬
‪Effect > Limiter: Soft, 0, 0, -3.5, 10, No > OK‬‬

Those are short forms. My knuckles are gnarly from typing all that out every time.

I did write that in longer form:

That pile of numbers in my post (and that document) fits into each effect panel as you open the tool. To take the worst one, Limiter, those are all the empty boxes from top to bottom. Most of the tools are sticky so you only have to enter the numbers once.
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 18.59.12.png
When you get that far, you’re already past the top three or four paragraphs of that document. Start with Process.


The notch filter only has two entry boxes when you launch it.
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 19.04.52.png
You have to run that tool twice. It does a different job each pass.


Any thought what you’re going to do about your tinkly mouth noises?


Ok. Success!

The mouth sounds are a problem. I don’t always have them. I have to stay hydrated. And I rotate between Xylitol gum, green apples, Biotin spray. It’s more important for me to focus on connecting to the copy so I try not to get too upset with the clicks. If any remain, I highlight a section where I’m not speaking, Effect->Noise Reduction->Get Noise Profile followed by
selecting all. Effect->Noise Reduction->numbers seem to adjust themselves->OK. That usually does the trick.

I read about izotope but that looks very labor intensive.

I’ve also considered doing the extensive EQ thing described here — but haven’t tried that yet. This click issue is a new one for me.

So if you hear from any of your fans about a new trick for that, I’m all ears.

Thank you again so very much for walking me through this process.

I expect now to book every gig I audition for!


Paul-L’s free De-Clicker plugin for Audacity can reduce the mouth clicks, but the settings necessary makes it slow …

''mouth-click'' settings saved as a preset in Paul-L's De-Clicker plugin.gif
With those settings on my computer, processing-time is about the same as playback-time.


ok, how do I get this puppy into Audacity? I downloaded, put into Audacity plug-ins folder but not seeing it in EFFECTS Add/Remove

User error. It works like a charm!

I’m so grateful for all your help, Koz. A million thanks. And I just sent a thank you to Paul L for the DeClicker.

It’s a miracle!

If there’s someone to whom I can sing your praises, please let me know.

Gratefully yours,

You win. Paul L is one of the senior elves. He gets to wear the robe and furry slippers.

After you get your first actual gig… See that orange “Donate” button upper right of the forum?


One last thing.
I don’t have to do MANAGE > User Prefs > Mouth Click
In fact, the User Prefs option is greyed out.

The settings are close to the last gif you have posted but not exact.

But it works!

Thanks again,

Noise Reduction->numbers seem to adjust themselves

There is a default general setting for music. If you can’t hear it working, then you win. Too much Noise Reduction is audible as honking or talking into a wine glass or rain barrel. What were the numbers?


Paul-L’s De-Clicker doesn’t come with a “mouth-click” preset, you have to create it via “save preset”.
saving preset in Paul-L's De-Clicker plugin.gif

Hi Koz!

Remember me? You helped me fix my recordings.

I’m back because I really, really want to upgrade to the latest Audacity - especially for punch and roll.
But I’m very wary of losing all the modifications you gave me.

If there are incompatibilities, does the software walk you through making them happy?

And I hope all is well with you.

Thank you and Best,

Currently running audacity 2.2.0 on MacOS Mojave 10.14.4

does the software walk you through making them happy?

The software doesn’t have to be happy. The client has to be happy. The Audiobook Mastering system sometimes creates intentional distortion in the middle of the process. But only I, you and the studio audience knows that the distortion will be cleaned up later. So in that one case, you can’t rely on the software responses.

I don’t know that any of the tools are massively different than they were earlier in your career. The last, I think two versions of Audacity are 64-bit applications instead of 32-bit to accommodate Apple’s insistence that everybody do clean changeovers for their machines. Bottom line is you can’t easily run your older and newer Audacity versions on the same machine (that I know of).

I can be corrected there.

Do Not, (I think it’s obvious) make any sort of change in the middle of a book, project or show. There was a recent post from someone who was forced to change locations in the middle of a book and was horrified when the sound in the new place didn’t match the old. I think we convinced them the majority of the difference was simple volume shifts and after accounting for that, the two presentations came very close to each other.

I don’t remember, are you reading for audiobooks? The standards for those haven’t changed in a while so even though your process may be a little different, it should in the end come out OK.

Did you use any plugins or separate apps or processes? That may be the place to worry about compatibility problems. DePopper, DeClicker, DeEsser?

Step through a typical presentation as a test and do a screen grab (Shift+Command+3) of each tool setting panel. Shift+Command+4 allows you draw a box around a part of the screen and capture that. That’s how I made this picture.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 15.21.51.png
That’s one of the steps in the mastering process. Much more important was a odd setting for DeEssing that I got to work really well, and then forgot to write down. Gotta love those screen grabs.

I know it’s possible to have several different Audacity versions and that seems to be what would do you the most good. But I don’t remember the spells, or even if it can be done in your circumstances.

I can ask.


Hi Koz.

Thank you for getting back to me. Not sure why the system didn’t notify me that you’d responded or I would have been back here more quickly.

I don’t do a lot of audiobook work. It’s 90% voice over work for commercials, narrations, promos.

I’m not worried about doing screen grabs of the process because I kept all your genius notes on the settings. And I believe the only thing I had to add was the de-clicker. If you’ve made the de-esser great, I’m happy to do that.

So how do I begin?

Should I backup my current version of the software as a just in case?

Which is the best link for the download? (MacBook Pro). And then just run the upgrade and cross my fingers and do what I always did? I suspect I’ll have to add in the de-clicker again.

Thanks a million,

well, guess what, Koz. I took a deep breath and just downloaded the new version.

I only had to change ONE thing!! It not only still had 99% of my effects settings but also the de-clicker.

I can’t believe it.

I only had to change one number in limiter from 3.0 to 3.5.

That was painless.

So what I might want to add is your de-esser.

Thanks for being at the other end of the keyboard.