So I am thinking of getting the USB one , So I COULD perhaps skip the need of getting PHANTOM POWER ,

Anyone here work with USB Verisons ? It’s just mean’t for STUDIO VOCAL RECORDINGS , Myself :mrgreen:

Only reason I am thinking of doing this idea is because , it would make the process of doing vocals tracks feel less like a production , meaning the focus and spirit isn’t too disturbed/distracted.

We have one note about microphones that have driver software. If you have Windows 10, it is required that you have Windows 10 driver software with the microphone or device. Windows 10 is not a simple Windows upgrade and older software may not work or be stable. It’s a whole new world and takes dedicated software.

How were you planning on running the analog microphone version if you didn’t get the USB model?

That and it’s not that unusual for some microphones to have noise trouble with some computers. It’s not always plug-and-play.

USB microphones have one invisible problem. It’s usually a bad idea to have a noisy computer in the same room while you’re recording. USB microphones can never get more than one USB cable (roughly 6 feet - 2M) away from the computer.

make the process of doing vocals tracks feel less like a production

You are the poster child for hiring a small studio.


lol and yeah I think I’ll just get the NON USB , Just get a phantom power box too , No need to get USB and then it won’t work with WINDOWS 10

Just get a phantom power box too

Describe the rest of the setup. If you have a small sound mixer, it’s very likely to have 48 volt phantom power built-in. There is only one small mixer I know of that claims in big text that it has “Phantom Power!!” but in tiny letters near the bottom, admits to the older 12 volt instead of 48 volt.

The single passive cable that adapts your analog microphone to your computer Mic-In connection is Very Highly Not recommended. Those things can create weird sound quality issues and magic, time-bomb problems.

“I don’t know either. One of the three clients claims very low volume and distorted sound. They want us to submit the work again…???”

I’m very nearly not making that up.

You can get a small but nice microphone USB adapter with built-in 48 volt phantom power. I have a Behringer UM2 interface. That’s the black thing on the left. It has zero latency monitoring so you can plug headphones in and do perfect musical overdubbing.

That is a condenser microphone that takes 48 volts and a Mac laptop that makes little or no noise.

They also make a fancier UMC22.


I bought Lexicon Alpha it doesn’t have PHANTOM POWER , but it’s real awesome , I got it dirt cheap used.

I wanted to get all HARMAN Stuff , like AKG and Lexicon :smiley:

I just simply need to get a PHANTOM BOX for the Mic , that doesn’t bother me .

Appears you’re good to go.


Cool thanks , yeah I was at 1st thinking getting a USB Verison but I am not going to take a chance of it not working too well with WINDOWS 1O or Future Windows.

So yes I am getting My AKG CONDENSER and then 1 of thoses BEHRINGER PHANTOM BOXES , Their suppose to be good and they are $25.

That would be this?

That should do it.

Do you have a tripod or other mic stand?

Apparently it comes with a desk stand?

Three items:

– It didn’t say so, but apparently, it doesn’t have a filter for desk vibrations. That’s not deadly. If you find yourself recording furnace noises from the basement or metrobus noises through the floor, you can get rid of them with the Book and Towel method.

– Depending on your desk or table, it’s good to cover it over underneath the microphone to prevent odd comb filtering effects and slap sounds. See in that same picture, the microphone isn’t sitting on the table, it’s sitting on a blue furniture moving blanket. That’s not accidental.

– In fuzzy general, you should be about a Hawaiian Shaka away from the microphone when you perform.

How were you planning on getting your face that close to the microphone? You can do that with enough books and towels, but I like the boom mike stand.

That’s a Clorox bleach bottle with water in it. 8.3 pounds per gallon. I don’t need the books and towels because I use a vibration and shock mount at the microphone. That’s what that spider-y thing in back of the mic is. The boom gives you room underneath the mic to play, sing or read the script.

And if you find you like your sound closer yet to the microphone, you’ll need the pop and blast filter.

That’s the black tennis racket thing. This is what it sounds like if you do that wrong.

Directional microphones have proximity effect. The sound gets richer and deeper the closer you get, but you do have to be careful.


Yup that PHANTOM BOX from Sweetwater is what I am getting.

Yup got plently of stands ,

I from the beginning wasn’t to far off from having the proper set up,

Always been taking A SHOT IN THE DARK doing this :laughing:

this is the type of filter I am rolling with , Ordered it.
s-l1600 (1).jpg

If you work on the forum enough, you develop a sense.

Yup got plently of stands ,

You have plenty of stands, but no microphone…

What’s wrong with this picture?


Because I once bought a mic with a stand ,

the mic itself was junk and then when I bought another good mic that was also bundled with a stand .

For some dumb reason they were always cheaper that way. :mrgreen:

The mic and stand was cheaper than just the microphone? I guess it’s possible the store gets it that way from the supplier…

I keep seeing somebody selling microphones from the back of his car.

Just a stand, or a stand with a boom? The boom is the hero accessory. That lets you suspend the microphone over your script/computer/guitar and still maintain good spacing to your instrument or lips.

It also lets you point the dead part of the mic (the top) at the floor or table.