USB Codec for mac?

Running High Sierra 10.13.4 on 2.7 GHz intel. Connecting with “V.TOP” model AV202 usb audio capture analog to digital device.No usb codec shows up. Have tried system prefs> sound. Device shows up as “USB PnP Audio Device”. Went to MIDI setup, same results. “USB PnP Audio Device” shows up in Audacity pulldown as well. Recording from turntable. Audacity DOES record, however the sound level is so low it barely registers in the window. I DO have the record level cranked all the way up. Any way to get and install the elusive USB code for mac?

It doesn’t have to say USB Audio CODEC. The manufacturers can call it anything they want. You should find some name that comes and goes when you connect and disconnect the turntable.


The “PnP Audio Device” does come up on the device list, and I do select it with the volume slider all the way to the max but still have the very low volume input. It barely registers on the Audacity window.