USB audio interfacing to Audacity [SOLVED]

Hey all,

I’m thinking this is a MAC problem. I’m running Catalina. I have a TASCAM US-800 connected to my MacBook Pro via USB. When I go into System Preferences on the OS… I can SEE input level from my US800. However, even when setting the recording input for Audacity (I had the same problem with WavePad)… I get NO AUDIO INPUT INDICATION. Yes I have selected US800 as my input source and NOT the built in mcrophone (apologies for the snark). Any thoughts… I feel like I’m missing some advanced setting in Catalina that needs to be set to make the audio pass thou to the Audacity (or WavePad) App on some internal buss. Just an FYI, the US800 DID work on an older MacBook that was running Leopard. Unfortunately, after a repair that Mac will NOT even power up… not worth pursuing.

After checking the “Big Sur” problem post… I looked at Privacy settings and turned the microphone access back on… that cured the problem.

Thanks for looking anyway.