USB Audio Interface for 4, 6, or 8 track *OUTPUT*

Is there a USB Audio Interface that will work with Audacity to PLAYBACK multi-track audio through multiple outputs? I do not need any recording. I plan to do all my multi-track creating on the computer. I just need a USB interface for OUTPUTTING multiple tracks for driving multiple Halloween props. Minimum of 4 outputs, though might also be interested in 6 or 8 outputs. This will give you an idea of what I am trying to do:

Someone will correct me, but I think Audacity playback is mono or stereo. It can export multi-track files.


That’s correct.

Multi-channel export is enabled by enabling the “Advanced Mixing Options” in Preferences: Advanced Mixing Options - Audacity Manual
You could export a multi-track file from Audacity, and then play the file in an application that supports multi-channel playback.
(I believe that VLC and foobar2000 support multi-channel playback.)

Thanks for the playback tips. Sounds like I would use Audacity for setting up the tracks and something else for playback, which is fine. I still need an interface, though. I found one for four tracks that looks like it would do the trick. However I much prefer 6 or 8 tracks - without getting a giant rack-mount monster. I am currently using an old cassette-based Tascam 424. One channel contains the music and 3 channels contain a signal to make the mouth open on the mask. Two masks currently share a channel, thus I can run 4 masks from 3 channels, but my preference would be to separate the 2 masks. Ideally I would have 2 channels for stereo and 4 individual channels for the masks, thus a minimum of 6 direct outputs.

4 outputs: