Uploading mp3's into Dropbox- no longer working

Mac OS X El Capitan
Audacity 2.1.1 (dmg installer)
Lame library-v3.98.2

My audios have started taking ages to upload into Dropbox. They are MP3 files, but they now show as lots of mini files as they are uploading and then it turns into one MP3 file once complete. They used to upload really fast and directly as an MP3 so don’t know what’s happening… My last audio is still not uploaded since Monday morning!!! I have clients backed up waiting for audios- please help!

My “up” internet connection is nothing to write home about, and that’s known. However if it gets too ratty, I shut down and restart the modem/interface and the WiFi hub and make them start over. I know I get very close to the speeds I’m paying for … if I go around the hub. So one of these days I need to see why it’s doing that.

That’s my first layer maintenance.

If you’re sharing one of those neighborhood branch internet things, one of your neighbors may have discovered the joys of adult entertainment.


It’s not the Internet. That’s still working fine and everything else is- it’s just my audios so it’s an audacity thing it seems…

That sounds unlikely.

Do the MP3 files play correctly in iTunes (or whatever your usual media player)?
Have you tried uploading other large files to dropbox (for example a video file)?

I’d guess it’s probably a Dropbox thing…

My dropbox has been in Swedish. I don’t speak or use Swedish. Happened a long time ago and neither Google nor Dropbox’ helpdesk has a clue. I can read a couple of words of Swedish because of this. “Ladda ner”, means “download”, fi. :smiley:

Yep my partner is a photographer and he has no problems loading big files.

I’ve found that if I save them to my desk top and then one by one save the finished MP3 to Dropbox and leave the project on my desktop then it works. Really annoying!