Uploading audacity narration to Windows live movie maker

Is this even possible? I have recorded narration on audacity that I would like to add over the top of my video I’ve created in windows live movie maker - I didn’t have the record narration button on there to do it all there.
In windows live movie maker, I have added music to my video, and now Id like to add my narration which I used audacity for. Can anyone advise me how to do this (in simple terms if possible) thanks.

Google tells me:

"* In the Soundtrack area, click the Add icon.

  • Navigate to the sound file that you want to superimpose on the movie and click Open."

Please note that this is the support forum for Audacity software. We don’t provide support for other applications.
There is a user guide for Windows Live Movie Maker here: http://eurolink2011.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/livemmguide.pdf

Thanks for your reply.
It was more for how to export the audacity clip to then import it into live movie maker - over the top of the film and music. But it seems this isn’t possible anyway.
Thanks anyway

To create a normal audio file from Audacity, you need to “Export”. (See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/file_menu_export.html)
You should then be able to use the audio file in WLMM (according to the instructions found on Google).

I’ve never used that application but virtually all video editors can do that. I currently use Cyberlink Power Director and in the past I’ve used Corel Video Studio, and sometimes I use Womble MPEG Video Wizard for certain MPEG editing tasks. All of these go for around $100 USD. The various Vegas programs are also popular.

[u]Here[/u] are some free video editors.

See … https://youtu.be/Kf02vwGnbkE?t=4m58s