updated to 2.x and now don't have access to audio on win7

Purchased a turntable to copy my vinal to the comp but after installing Audacity from the disc and having trouble I downloaded the update 2.2 and now nothing works. I have tried most everything but I have no access to even seeing anything when I click on the audio icon in control pannel the comp wont open it there is no access to any sound periferals and when I try to adjust my mic via logitec software it crashes the comp. I still have sound but Audacity will not load the turntable is not recognized even though the USB tone sounds indicating it has installed a driver. I have uninstalled the media stuff from win and still no difference. I attempted to locate the audacity stuf in the registry but eventhough I found and deleted some It still says I have an other copy running after I atempt to install.

Is this normal for this program to delete parts of the operating system and take control of the remains?

No and I don’t think that’s what happened. It’s not unusual for USB sound devices to scramble Windows Audio. When you plug a turntable in, it will try to grab both the record and the playback. If you’re not ready for that, it will seem that all the sound on the computer failed.

Audacity will also try to manage sound pathways by its Preferences and the Device Dropdown. If you get those in conflict with the USB pathways, it may seem that you’ll never see daylight again.

In all cases you should be able to go into Windows Control Panels and set the recording and playback pathways. I believe WIn7 has a tiny sound meter now to tell you that you have succeeded in getting the show sound into the computer. That’s a good first step. It’s not unheard of for USB Turntables to not work straight out of the box – so there is that problem, too.

If you made changes to The Dreaded Windows Registry, then you may no longer have a stable Windows. Can you step back or reinstall the system?


You may have made more changes than you should have done, but try clicking the Windows globe and type “Device Manager” (without quotes) in the search box. Click on the Device Manager link when it appears in the search results.

Expand “Sound, video and game controllers” by clicking the + sign, then right-click over the computer sound device that came with the computer and choose “Uninstall”. If you have a drivers CD that came with the computer, now reinstall the audio drivers from the CD and reboot.

If you have no CD, reboot anyway and Windows will try to install drivers for the sound device (probably they will be Microsoft drivers which will have limited functions).

This should however let you open “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel.

You have to connect the USB turntable before launching Audacity.

Then go to the web site of the computer manufacturer and look for Windows 7 audio drivers for your particular computer model.

Or… search (as above) for System Restore then try restoring your computer to a previous time when the sound worked .