Updated TiMidity++ instructions?

The MIDI page of the Wiki points to some 11-year-old instructions from the old, archived, obsolete 1.2/1.3 forum for how to get TiMidity++ running on Windows.

Among other things, the instructions indicate that since TiMidity didn’t support long file names, it was recommended to install it in the root folder (C:).

Since at least Win 7 (possibly XP), that sort of behaviour is very much discouraged in Windows, if it is allowed at all. Nowadays, everything has a place to be and must be in its place (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\ ).

So it would seem that the instructions from 2011, as useful as I’m sure they were at the time, may be just somewhat outdated, and I’m wondering if (/hoping that!) anyone

  1. has used — or more to the point, successfully installed and then used — a more recent version of TiMidity++ (the most recent is from 2018, according to SourceForge) and

  2. would be able/willing to share their knowledge, experience and/or expertise

  3. (off-topic and optional) knows why the Ordered List BBCode isn’t working after item 1

I promise I have searched the internet for this information (well, not the BBCode thing). If it exists out there and I haven’t found it, I guess that’s down to poor search skills. If you know of a page I should have found, please feel free to link to (or copy and paste from) it.

Alternatively, if anyone is using an easier-to-install alternative that is as good as TiMidity is purported to be, please let me know that, too.

(Note: the instructions that come with TiMidity indicate that one should download and install Cygwin or mingw; however, the 2011 instructions in the forum do not mention this necessity, so I’m hoping it is not actually a requirement.)

For what it’s worth, I’m running Windows 11 (and Audacity 3.2.0).

Regarding the bbcode bit :slight_smile:
It works fine, but each item is introduced with a [ * ], not explicit numbers. The “=1” in the [ list ] tag just means “numeric”, not “item 1”.

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

You can quote my post to see the bbcode.

This is the code in SecretCode’s example:


Ah. My mistake was to put a separate list tag around each item. Thanks to both!