Update: ignore - - Rhythm track inaccurate tempo

I can’t repeat this symptom. Please ignore, and thanks for the help you already threw at this confused mess.

original post follows

I generated a rhythm track and selected 92 bpm. But it created a track at about 91.2bpm as measured against my electronic metronome.
A friend generated a sound file at 92bpm in Musescore. It is ever so slightly faster than my Audacity track. But his Musescore 92bpm matches perfectly with my electronic metronome. So I think Musescore and metronome are correct.
(a) is there a way to adjust either of the recorded tracks to sync their tempi,
(b) is there a way to create accurate rhythm tracks in Audacity (I suppose I could just hold the metronome up to a mic and record it …yikes)

To test the Rhythm track, I generated 6002 seconds of click track at a tempo of 92 bpm.
6000 seconds = 100 minutes, so if Rhythm Track is accurate, the first beat after 1h 40 (100 minutes) should start at exactly 1h 40:


This proves that the Rhythm Track effect is extremely accurate. However, there is no guarantee that your computer plays audio at exactly the correct speed. The playback speed accuracy depends largely on the sound card / audio device. If an audio file has a sample rate of 44100 Hz, then the sound card should play 44100 samples per second. If it plays more or less samples per second, then the tempo will be off.

Thanks for replying so quickly and thoroughly. I have now been running around the house playing click and instrumental tracks on three different computers and two metronomes, merging my friend’s mp3 and playing it within Audacity and outside of Audacity, and the more I examine it the less clear my results are, and I’m getting overheated and flummoxed. So I’m going to set it aside and look again tomorrow. I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you after your courtesy of such a prompt response.