Update from Audacity 1.3.14 beta

Please bear with me. I know just enough to get into trouble.

I am using Man OS X Lion ver.10.7.5
I have an old version (1.3.14 beta) of Audacity. I don’t see anywhere (on the application) to check for updates.
I installed this as part of a package from “ClearClick” “Cassette2USB Converter”

Can I download the new version (2.0.6) on top of the older version, or should I delete the old version first?
I would just go ahead and delete the old version, but I don’t know if that would leave behind anything that could cause a problem.

I also saw the Post from Gayle warning about installing Audacity from the DMG.
That post was from a year ago. Is that warning and instruction still valid?

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Probably best to remove the old version first so as to avoid confusion.

Uninstalling will normally leave behind your preferences settings. This can be handy if you have modified the program preferences to suit your way of working, but given that 1.3.14 beta is such an old version, I think that it would be worth resetting the preferences before you install.

To do that, you need to reset the preference file “audacity.cfg”.
Instructions for doing that are here in the manual: Audacity Manual

(His name is “Gale”)
The “warning” is that a lot of users don’t follow the installation instructions :wink:
Yes the installation instructions still need to be followed in order to install Audacity correctly.

Installing from the .dmg is the recommended way to install. The installation instructions are on the download page here: Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS


Thank you for the prompt reply and very helpful information.