Unwanted silence added during export.

Hi all

I’m using Audacity to edit audio from MP4’s.
I can open the AAC audio directly from the MP4, or after extracting the audio from the MP4 file. Which ever method I use, when exported there is a small additional amount of silent audio at the start of the file. This happens if I export directly, even without editing. I 'm using the FFmpeg plugin for AAC & AC3 import and export which works well apart from this minor issue.
There is less than a second silence added (and less at the end which is of no concern). The same happens with AC3 export but less so. I can work around it but does anyone know why this might be happening.



The LAME mp3 encoder adds about a tenth of a second of silence at the start
What you’re describing sounds like a similar phenomenon but with AC3,
i.e. silence is added-on by the encoder, (not Audacity).

Thanks for the reply.

I guess I’ll just have to continue cutting a small amount before export to counter the effect.



Or export in a format that does not have this limitation, for example, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg.