Unwanted Reverb

Recording from internet and I hear music perfectly. as soon as I hit record I get a reverb. I have not seleced any effects. When I hit pause…reverb remains…when I hit stop it immediately goes away. What setting is causing this?

Windows, right?

It’s really easy to get multiple pathways running on a Windows machine and having too many pathways open in Audacity doesn’t help much.

Assume you’ve followed all the instruction in the wiki page…


You can, as an experiment, go into Audacity preferences and deselect “Play Track While Recording New Ones,” “Hardware Playthrough,” and “Software Playthrough.” Restart Audacity and make a recording. You may not be able to hear what you’re doing, but the red recording meters will bounce, you’ll get a recording, and it should be missing the echoes.

It’s not really reverb, right? It’s echoes?


On Windows “Software Playthrough” should be OFF.

Yes…it worked. it’s funny … I tried removing overdub and didn’t try removing software play though. I am new to audacity…Thanks!