Unwanted fade ins in recording

Editing my audiobook recording, I have found multiple instances of the beginning of sentences or phrases that have a fade in that I did create. It’s inconsistent as it doesn’t happen with every sentence beginning and sometimes occurs in the middle of the sentenced at the beginning of a phrase. And sometimes there is NO fade when I replay the recording. This was not happening with previous recordings. The only thing I have recently changed is going from Direct Sound setting to MME setting. Do I have a latency problem?

Sounds like a noise-gate is being applied before the sound gets to Audacity.
Windows “audio enhancements” are usually the cause …

Thank you for your reply. After some experimenting with the raw audio, I found that the De-click setting on my RX elements de-click had been inadvertently set at a higher level than what it should have been. I re ran the raw audio and almost all of my problems vanished. Ugghhh!

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