Unwanted AUTO-Update

I work in the sound room at our church along with 3 or 4 other guys taking turns for different services each week. We started using Audacity several years ago, enjoy how it works, and like the ease of use that it provides for several people who do not have a lot of sound system knowledge. Anyways, our sound system is very old so this program works very well in the older versions for us. A year ago, someone in our group that operates this software clicked on an update…whoa, it really messed up our system badly, we cannot control the recording level, so its not worth recording. Our system is old and if we cant record at a lower rate, it just comes out as a blaring mess, so there is no point. We were able to download on older version and go back to that, then it worked again very well. A couple weeks ago, we started getting notified that 3.3 was available and I instructed our group of sound guys to NOT ACCEPT the update, so we didn’t repeat the trouble we had last time. On Wed of last week, I was in the sound room and it came up asking to update, I clicked on Do not ask me again, then clicked SKIP. Today we came to our morning service and it had updated automatically???

So I have checked and none of our guys have done the update, so it evidently updated automatically and that really causes problem for our system to the point that its unusable. Can you please let me in on how to revert back to the older version? And stop teh system form auto updating as well. Our computer support guy also has it set to NOT AUTO UPDATE. At a real loss here…

Please help./…

To Disable Checking for Updates, Edit > Preferences > Application > uncheck “Check for updates”.

Older versions of Audacity are available here: Old Audacity versions download

I don’t think automatic updates are possible.
You could have accidentally launched the version you had before you installed the older version.
That could appear like an automatic update has occurred.

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