(Unresolved) The volume of a selection

Hello everyone, Lockes here! I have a question that I feel has been asked, I apologize in advance. Is there a way to increase/decrease a highlighted section on a track’s volume? Not the whole track, but just what you highlighted. Kind of like highlighting and changing the effect. I’m terrible with the names of the effects, so I’m not sure which to use if you use them. I want to highlight parts and make them lower or louder.

And these tracks, these aren’t recordings. Well, they are but…let me explain. These tracks were recorded by my producer. I rap. I got recorded by him and need to edit these versions to make performance versions soon. So the 2 tracks I have are the (1) instrumental and the (2) vocals in a rendered state. In other words, the (2) vocals are already in a single track now. I want to highlight parts and make them harder to hear so the audience can hear me on the microphone and other parts with more emphasis, allowing them to get the impact of the stronger parts of my verses. Without breaking the speakers obviously (not sure the limit, but when it goes above yellow it is obviously too loud).

So, since I know producers would know how to do this, can anyone tell me how to do this? It sounds like you should just change the gain, but I can’t see where I do that. Thanks one more time. From the guy that’s gonna be stealing the show, pretty soon.

-Lockes LeBeau, aka Lockedown5000, aka Locceheede.

Use the amplify effect:
Open it and enter the amount of boost (e.g. 2 dB) or cut (-2 dB).
You can also use the envelope tool.

Personally, I prefer to split the vocals into individual lines/sentences on staggered tracks (Edit->Clip Boundaries-> new) and adjust these parts with the gain slider.