Unmute and mute currently selected tracks - assignable to shortcut keys?


My workflow has me looking for a way to unmute many tracks at once, but not all of them.

The tracks I would like to unmute are the ones I have currently selected. The only method I can find is to visit each track individually, and click the “mute” button to unmute each track, one at a time. This is tedious, and error prone, with my slow-and-fumble-finger-mouse skills. I’m looking for a shortcut key, similar to unmute-all (ctrl-shift-U), but that unmutes only the selected tracks.

It’s a choir – with some 60 singers, each singing on their own track. I would like to select all the altos, for example, and unmute only them. The tracks happen to be in part order (sorted that way – I specifically named them so that sorting by names arranges them this way).

So to select and unmute only the altos, and maybe a stray tenor or two, I would like to

mute all (ctrl-U), then
select the first alto track, with my mouse, then
press and hold the shift key, then
select the last alto track, with my mouse (and all alto tracks in between are selected, because the shift key is down), then
(maybe, select another track or two of tenors, by holding down the control key, and selecting these extra tracks), then

– what? ctrl-shift-U affects all tracks, not just the selected ones.

Is there a way to assign a shortcut key to unmute only these selected tracks? I sure hope so …

(Separating each voice into a separate project won’t work (like creating a project for just the altos) – as I need to be able to work with all the choir’s tracks in one project.)

I just need a simple way to unmute more than one selected track, with a shortcut key.


PS: Actually, the ability to assign “unmute selected tracks” and “mute selected tracks” to different shortcut keys would be awesome.

Follow-on comment:

I just found Audacity’s mixer board (View>Mixer board…), and it does help a bit with this. Actually, quite a bit. However, it still would be helpful to be able to mute and unmute selected tracks with appropriate shortcut keys.