Uninstall Audacity in Windows10

My computer started acting strange on the very night I installed Audacity and used it. So, as a means to troubleshoot I want to try uninstalling Audacity. However, the Windows10 “Uninstall a program” function in the Control Panel does not “see” Audacity in the list of programs from which to choose.

How, then, can I uninstall it? Do I need to download a third party uninstall software? Or, does Audacity have a built-in Uninstall feature? If so, where is it? Does it uninstall all related files and code?

Thanks for any help.

We need to wait for a senior elf for that, but it would be good to know which Audacity and where did you get it? Here?


The system is much more likely to become unstable from a bad plugin or add-on.


I installed Audacity and used it.

And a new microphone and device driver software? Does the driver software say good for Windows 10?


If you downloaded the Audacity zip file, (~11Mb), rather than the installer (~19Mb),
you can run Audacity in Windows without it appearing on the list of installed programs.

[for future reference, Windows 10 has system-restore, but it’s not on by default ].