Unexplainted clicking sounds


I am doing some narration and have notice I am getting clicking sounds in the audio, almost like an audio tear, during random words. At first I thought it was plosives, but the clicks are happening during random non-plosive sounds as well. I am getting them in Rs, Is, Es, its completely random where these clicks occur. I commonly get them at the beginning and end of words as well. This is occurring in raw, unedited audio with no cuts or deletions where they may be a change in rate.

I have tried everything I can think of, but cannot figure out how to fix this issue. Click remover does not recognize these sounds as clicks and I cannot silence them with a noise reduction. I tried updating my audacity, just reinstalled this morning. I moved my microphone, unplugged it, removed anything that might be causing static. I really am at my wits end, and I am unsure what I can do to try and alleviate this.

Thank you for any help

You can try a little more hard-core servicing.

– Are you running out of hard drive space? Right-Click the drive icon (if you have it) in the upper-right > Get Info.

– Disconnect your network/internet and/or shut down any connections such as WiFi, BlueTooth, etc. You have to leave the connections to your mouse and keyboard, but better if you don’t have to.

– Shut down the machine. Not Restart. Actually Apple > Shut Down… . If it asks you if you want to automatically open up all your running applications, say no.

– After you get back from making fresh coffee, Start, launch Audacity, make a test recording, and see if it still makes noises. It’s valuable to know if the problem changes, getting either worse or better.


Try the suggestions here: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html#mac_crackle
– Bill

Open Devices Preferences and adjust the “Buffer Length” setting. Reduce the setting to 0 milliseconds. If recording breaks up or does not start, increase “Buffer Length” in increments of 10 milliseconds until recording is smooth.

That one always bothered me. How much production do you do to make sure Nothing Goes Wrong? If you have one of those delightful erratic problems that only shows up every hour or so, how many hours do you test? Let’s say the default is 100 (which I think it is) and the desirable setting is 90. Let’s see, that’s two hours at 0 (if it doesn’t crash), two hours at 10, etc.

Suppose the two conditions cross? It crackled while it was alive and then crashed.

I think I’d be much likely to do that progressive approximation thing. Reduce it from 100 to 50 and try it. If it worked, reduce it to 25 and try it again. If both of those are OK, the unconditional sweet spot is 37.5, given nothing changes and nothing is broken.

There’s no way to check this in software? How do other programs do this?