Unexpectedly Quit....

I’m using Audacity on my iMac with sierra 10.12.3.

I’m getting a number of “Unexpectedly Quit” situations…about 1 in 10. It happens when I’m working with files that are usually over 30 minutes in length, and only when copying the file INTO Audacity, never when exporting the completed file.

I also use Audacity on my MBP with Yosemite 10.10.5. Never had that problem with the MBP, ever.

Any ideas?

Tnx very much!

Curley 1/29 @1803hrs.

Does this happen with projects that have been saved to disk, or projects that have not yet been saved to disk?
The difference is that after being saved, the audio data is written to the saved project “_data” folder, whereas for a project that has not been saved, audio data is written to Audacity’s temporary directory. The problem could be due to problems writing data to disk, but to pursue this line of investigation we need to establish where the project data is held.

Another possibility is that there is a problem importing specific file types. What format are the files that cause the problem? Is the problem specific to certain files? For example, if there’s a problem importing a file “somefileomycomputer.wav”, does that particular file always fail, or does it work sometimes and not others?

Tnx Steve…I discovered something unusual this am…While importing a file into Audacity I turned on a cooling fan behind my reel to reel
machine (which was playing into Audacity at the time) and Audacity instantly quit! I repeated the process again several times, and the result was
the same almost every time! The fan is about 6 feet away from the iMac, but immediately next to the R-R. I’m having trouble understanding
why this should be happening; however the fan and the iMac are on the same AC circuit. I would consider this solved, sort of. It’s easy to avoid
the problem in the future, but it sure makes me curious of how there could be a connection…Wait! The AC power cord of the fan is only about
an inch from the audio cable that runs from the R-R to the iMac!!! Might be a possible reason…more tests are needed! Thanks for your
come-back again!!!

Curley. 1/31 @0919 E.

Be careful Curley. My guess is that the fan has a faulty switch and it’s putting a spike through the AC circuit that’s affecting your computer. Might be best to have the fan and the power socket checked out by an electrician (or if it’s just a cheap fan, trash it).

With a couple additional experiments I found that when I turned on the fan (the times when A. DIDN’T quit) there was an obvious visible
spike in the A. audio-timeline! Interesting! Presently the fan resides elsewhere. I tried to send you a photo of the set-up showing all
the wires behind my work area but I couldn’t get the attachment part of the A. website to accept it. It would have made you laugh!
Thanks again for your help!

Curley 2/5@0447hrs.

I’m guessing it looks similar to this :wink: