Undoing sync-lock too far far back

I work with 4.1.2 on AUDACITY Windows 8.1 on a Dell Inspiron 7500 series with 16 gigs of ram.

Other tracks constantly showing little clocks all over after an ill-advised sync-lock. Cannot move just one track without moving all, yet the undo menu never seems to show a remedy for undoing that sync-lock. Can’t find a reference to it in the FAQs. I thought there were undos on everything all the way back to ehen the project was started. How cN i GET RID OF A BAD SYNC-LOCK without undoing every single thing since the first?

There is no “4.1.2” version of Audacity. Please check the Audacity version in “Help > About Audacity”. If it says the version number is 4.1.2 then it is not an official version of Audacity.

Sync-Lock can be turned off and on at any time using the Sync-Lock button or the Sync-Lock option in the “Tracks” menu. Turning Sync-Lock on or off makes no change to the audio in the project, it just affects how edits will be performed. So, for example, if you have Sync-Lock enabled because you generally want to keep tracks synchronised, but then need to move one audio clip separately from the others, you would turn off Syck-Lock, move the clip, then if you want to resume with Sync-Lock enabled you would turn sync-Lock back on again.

For more information about Sync-Lock, see here in the manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/sync_locked_track_groups.html

Thank you, Steve–too many late nights, bad vision and too much coffee can make one miss things right under one’s nose–Im trying to make Christmas deadline for this audiobook epic I’m working on, I’m narrator and broadcast engineer all in one without really knowing “beans” about the latter half of that equation.