Underwater quality sound when singing into external mic

I am trying to create demo recordings for my voice by singing over karaoke audio files. I have windows 8 on my hp laptop and the 2.0.6 version of audacity. For vocals I have a Shure beta58a mic plugged into an audiobox usb. I tried recording with and without the backing track and it still sounds like my voice is underwater. The backing track doesn’t seem to be effected before or after export. I am attaching a sample of the song without the backing track. You can hear a tiny bit of the backing track bleeding through because I don’t have the best headphones. The only effect is noise removal.

Hope someone can help soon!

Sample vocals- Norah Jones Song.aup (8.84 KB)

You may have banged into Windows Enhanced Services which is an automatic filter that Windows applies to make speaking, Skype and conferencing clearer. It hates singing and music.


AUP files are not sound. They are text instructions to tell Audacity what to do with all that stuff in the similarly-named _DATA folder. That’s where the music actually is, but in Audacity format.

If you want to produce a stand-alone sound file, you need to Export one. If you need an MP3, you need to also add the Lame software package.