Unable to view full audio file selected for edit

I have recently downloaded the Audacity 2.0.2 and am getting the hang of editing audio files. However, one problem I have is when an audio file is longer than the display on screen. To explain, there are three music tracks within a particular audio file which runs to around 9 minutes and I want to retain the middle track. When played it only goes as far as the middle of the second track before ending. Is there an icon which will allow me access to the full audio file so that I can remove the last track?

Many thanks.


Hey Gary,
On Audacity look for the magnifying glass buttons - there will be 4: zoom in, zoom out, fit selection, fit project. Fit project is probably what you want. Let me know if that works?

Control-F or Command-F is Zoom Full. That will show you everything from the first note to the last.

The fact that the show isn’t on the screen should not prevent you from selecting the whole track. If you click just above the mute button to the left, that whole track will select whether or not it’s visible.


Thanks to both of you for your help. I’ll try either one or both options tonight.


No luck with those options last night.

When I first open the screen it displays up to 20 minutes running time. When I add the audio file, which is just over nine minutes long, the time displayed is cut to just over four minutes, and cutting the first tune reduces the running time still further down to around two minutes 10 seconds. When it reaches that point in play mode it doesn’t continue, and goes back to the beginning. I use the cursor to extend the display time, but when I click on the fit project icon it does nothing to show the rest of the file.

Any ideas?


How do you know that the file is just over 9 minutes long?

Because it is a download from youtube, which gives the running time, and I have listened to it in full.

Just to also say I’m on Windows 7, if that’s any help.

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Click above the Mute/Solo buttons in that track. What is the length in Selection Toolbar http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/selection_toolbar.html ?


It’s okay, panic over. Somehow the audio file I’d originally downloaded had lost a few minutes, even though I’d checked it a few days before. Anyway, I downloaded it again over the weekend and everything is fine now.

Thanks all for your help.