Unable to use Blue Yeti Pro Microphone for rec and audio


I’m relatively new to audacity, and have been having some trouble while overdubbing on the tracks. While overdubbing mode is enabled, if the Blue Yeti mic is configured as both speaker and microphone, the recording cursor freezes and the audacity halts on entry to recording mode. I’d like to be able here the sound through the microphone while I record, as well as listen to the prior tracks. This feels like it should be a simple fix, but so far I haven’t had any luck.

Audacity records when the mic doesn’t function as both speaker and headphone. It also records if overdub is disabled. So it seems that the problem comes from trying to use the Blue Yeti to both listen and record. I’m using a Windows 10 OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ensure that “Software Playthrough” is OFF (not selected) in the Transport menu.

Select MME as the “host” in the device toolbar and select the Yeti as the recording and playback device.

“Blue” recommend a sample rate of 48000 Hz (48 kHz), so:

  1. Open the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that the Yeti is set for 48000 Hz mono for recording and 48000 Hz stereo for playback.
  2. Ensure that the Audacity “Project Rate” is set to 48000 Hz. The default project rate can be set in Preferences.

Note that in most cases you will want exported file to have a sample rate of 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz). The sample rate of exported files is taken from the “Project Rate” setting, so before exporting you should temporarily set the Project Rate to 44100 Hz.

Thank you Steve.

The microphone was set to 44100Hz in the sound control panel. Changing it to 48000 Hz fixed the problem.

I’m curious why you bought a Yeti Pro. You did, right? You didn’t buy a “Pro Yeti.” Those are very different. Does it have an XLR male connector on its butt?

The Pro model is recommended because it’s a nice microphone and less likely to have the Frying Mosquitoes USB noise problem common to the non-pro model.



I don’t have a Yeti Pro so I’m just going on what I’ve read elsewhere on this forum. I’m curious to know if, once the sample rate has been set to 48000 in the sound control panel, will it then work correctly with the Audacity Project Rate set to 44100 Hz? Perhaps you could try that and let us know (it will be convenient if it does because that will save having to switch back and forth).