Unable to save project

Used Audacity before on various machines without issue, but first time trying to use it on Win 10.
If I create a new file and try to save it as a project, I get the error message…
‘Save Project’ is for an Audacity project, not an audio file.
For an audio file that will open in other apps, use ‘Export’.

I get what it’s saying, but I can’t even save a blank new file, or if I have a new file with imported/recorded audio - seriously frustrating.

Any help gratefully received.


That’s not an “error”, it is just informing you about what it is doing. Just click the “OK” button to continue with the save.

The warning is because many users were saving a project when really they wanted to export an audio file. As I assume you know, an Audacity Project is not an audio file.

Many thanks Steve.