Unable to save "audio files" as "Save Project" etc

When recording cass’s into Audacity - try to save into “Save As” but it keeps rejecting as "unable to save audio files (ain’t they all) best go to “Export” etc.
I want to be able to access saved files to be able to edit them at a later date (As promoted by Audacity) BUT audacity not letting me?
Obviously somewhere I have cocked up in not i.d. or saving as “Project” for myself.

Are you talking about this message:

It’s just a warning. Have you tried clicking on OK ?

G’Day Jademan,
Thanks for your reply/tip. Being a “pedantic” I took it as Literal & was NOT a project as such.
Once clicked OK - yes it worked - move on to next step etc.
My next issue/problem is "How do I get it automatically saved in Window Media Player?
Gave it a file name i.e. LONNIE MACK saved in D/Music etc - but seems like cannot transfer/transpose into WMP?
Any help/info/tips etc gratefully accepted & appreciated.

I don’t know if we can do this “automatically”, so let’s focus on doing it manually.

To save your audio to an audio file, you must first choose a format. WAV files and MP3 files are popular, and MP3 files are about 1/5 to 1/10 the size of a WAV file so that is a popular format.

So to do this, File > Export Audio, then select your “Format”.

Microsoft Media Player will be able to open and play .WAV and/or .MP3 files.

.WMP is a “Windows Media Photo” file and not used for audio.

.WMA is a " Windows Media Audio" format you can use in lieu of .MP3.

Hi Jademan,
Thanks for your reply. My WMP my way of abbreviating Window Media Player as for those other .wmp etc I have no idea or knowledge of.
Yes I was able to do as suggested - i.e. file > export audio &then selected the format “mp3” - It appears that these files get saved in “DOCUMENTS” ?? when I would really need them saved in “MUSIC” or Windows Media Player - WHERE the vast majority of my music is stored & I can alter/delete details/info as I want. I have noted one of my earlier Audacity attempt’s did migrate to my WMP site as one long song.


You can change your default Export Directory in Edit > Preferences > Directories > Export.

Hi Jademan,
You’ll have to excuse an OLD Geezer with longwindedness & one finger typing - I changed the directory as suggested & still none the wiser for getting it into my Media player etc.
I went trawling thru’ audacity app in my PC & found that the only success so far as WMP & Audacity are concerned is that 1 out of the 9/10 attempts has appeared in my music library (WMP) that being “labelled Audio 1 wav” so with that in mind my next try was using wav as the go to version & Lo & Behold that did appear in my library BUT a BIG BUT - I did label each song a 4 track ep BUT it only “saved” the last label?
So am making some in-roads at least.

I put out an urgent cry for “How Do I Get Audacity into Windows Media Player” on the ‘Net & got several potential solutions - one was using WMA ?? another was move item into windows media player & BURN the tape that I recorded via Audacity BUT COULD NOT get it into my wmp library using audacity - BUT on dragging it from PC music database to wmp tab BURN which I did on a new disc & then was able to play & download it to the library - what a bleeding long way round that WAS!!!
I certainly hope that I don’t have to go thru’ that process again with at least 300+ Cass’s I would like to digitize???

I have nothing further to add. Perhaps someone else ?

Thanks very much for your endeavor’s in helping me try & solve my learning issues with audacity;
Thanks very much from

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