Unable to run in low-resolution mode - Again

Hi everyone,

so I’ve been used to run Audacity in Low-Resolution mode in order for it to be useable. Now this seems to be not possible anymore, once again… The old trick with editing the Info.plist file and replacing

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 17.11.10

doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. As soon as I edit the Info.plist, the application will not open at all, giving me a few error notifications instead.

I haven’t been successful finding a new way of dealing with this peculiar long-standing issue.

Any thoughts are appreciated… Thanks

2017 iMac 4K 21,5"
Mac OS Ventura 13.5.2

So I found a suggestion to try to remove the CodeResources file from the Audacity application bundle, together with editing the Info.plist. With this, Audacity is now happily running in the good old Low Resolution mode.

The file is located in the _CodeSignature folder. I simply moved it to the desktop and it worked.

I found the suggestion here:

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