I have been using (recording) live music (sons band) with Audacity through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface unit using a Peavey KB4 amp (as a mini PA system). But I have since had to change to a mixer a Carvin MX640 Mixer; its a bit of a dinosaur made in the late 80’s but for practice it works great. The Carvin tech support people tell me that the mixer can easily be used with an audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and also with Audacity. HOWEVER, I have not been able to get any good recorded sound when I connect them. Lord knows I have tried every combination on the Audacity settings, for example when we were using the Peavey KB4 and recording like crazy, we had the settings on the Audacity Device Tool Bar in the upper left corner:

[Windows Direct Sound] — [Line Out (3-Scarlett 2i2 USB)] ---- [Primary Sound Capture Driver] ------- [2 Stereo Recording …}

I have scrambled all of the settings (each section has 3 possible settings) and still nothing.

Does anyone out there have any experience using an interface unit (such as Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) AND a MIXER when using AUDACITY ? ? ? ? ? ?


Lets do this in steps. I would connect the two Carvin Tape Out RCAs to the Focusrite Input #1 and Input #2. Correct me, but the Focusrite volume control knobs have flashing lights to indicate the presence of audio? Do they?

If that step fails, you may have the Carvin set up wrong. Find an RCA to RCA cable and plug it into the Carvin Tape Out L. Jam your headphones or earbuds into the RCA at the other end of that cable just as a test.


Send the show or some sound into the Carvin. You should hear something on the earbuds if the Carvin is working. It will not be loud, but it will confirm that the Carvin is putting sound at those connectors for you to digitize.


Thanks Koz.

Yes the Focusrite (scarlett 2i2) has 2 inputs in front with “activity lights” that activate (brighten) when sound is running through the channel. But the inputs are for XLR or 1/4" plugs. There are no RCA inputs on the Focus-rite; there are RCA inputs on the Carvin, also 1/4" in the “connect group”. I contacted Carvin Tech Support and they told me that I can use the “MAIN” or “MONITOR” inputs in the “CONNECT GROUP” and run cables to ANY of the inputs on the Focus-Rite. When I connect to the front of the Focusrite and set Audacity at Window / Line Out/ Primary / 2(stereo)… I get “sound activity” on Audacity as I would (in the past) when I am recording… in other words Audacity and Focusrite light are showing an indication that I am getting sound from the microphone (we are using a ingle mic thru the mixer) and into the Focusrite and into Audacity… These are the same things that I would see in the past when the recording was actually working. BUT the difference now is that when I want to hear the music (play it back) the sound is not good. I can tell its the music that we played and recorded but it’s VERY inaudible. Its’ distorted badly (and all we are using now are acoustic guitars and vocals)…

Thanks a million for your help.

There are no RCA inputs on the Focus-rite

I understand that. The RCA to RCA thing was just a test to see if you were getting sound out of the Carvin.

Please try not to jump around. Getting Audacity to run may not happen for another two or three forum cycles.

The Focusrite has a headphone connection on the front. Plug in headphones and see if your performance is clean and clear.