Unable to record through behringer U-Controller

I am running a 15" MacBook pro (2015) and using a Behringer U-Controller (UCA202) while running OS 10.14.6 and am using Audacity 3.1.3

Because Apple stopped making USB ports available on the MacBook, i have an Elgato Thunderbolt 3 dock in order to use USB devices.

So, the Behringer is getting its audio from my Soundcraft desk and that is via rca leads going into the “in” on the U-Controller. The output of the Controller goes back into the desk. The USB output from the controller then plugs into the usb input of the Legato. I am able to get sound out from Audacity via this set up perfectly, but no signal is registering when in record mode. I have checked the audio-midi settings and they show "USB Audio CODEC inputs (2 of) - as well as 2 out.

Audacity settings are set for USB Audio CODEC - 2 channel. However, i do notice that in the audio-midi settings for the Audio CODEC in, that both the master and channel volumes are on ZERO and the controls are greyed out. I suspect this is the issue but try as i may i am unable to do anything about it it. When i unplug the Controller, these settings disappear in the audio-midi set up, and reappear when plugged in. I know the controller is not faulty as i have two, and it is the same with both of them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does Audacity have permission to uses the “microphone”? See https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/no-recording-level/51788/1
– Bill

Yes Bill, but I need to record through the line input, not mic.

I had originally Bill, but on checking it was no longer ticked. I’ll see if this solves the problem. Rob

You wonderful man Bill. I never thought of re-checking that setting, as it was definitely checked originally. Yes, that did the trick. Believe me, i checked and rechecked so many settings but overlooked that one. Now i can get back to working with a smile. Rob :smiley: