Unable to Record Stereo From Ion Turntable in Windows 10

I am trying to record stereo from an Ion turntable, I get a Common dll failure message when I try to configure the software.

I am on a new HP Pavillion laptop that came with Windows 10 installed. It has not been updated to the Anniverary build yet. It is the Home Edition, 1511, Build 10586.545.

I have Audacity 2.1.2 installed.

In the Microphone Properties dialog, it shows 1 Channel under the Advanced tab. I change it to 2 Ch. 44.1 KHz. Both of the Exclusive boxes are checked. I tried other combos of these as well.

When I click Ok or Apply I get the Common .dll error message.
Audacity common dll fail.png

Changing to stereo in Windows Sound should be the correct solution.

However Audacity can’t fix Windows problems for you. It could be a problem with Windows or third-party drivers.

There is a post here http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/error-windows-shell-common-dll-stopped-working/ab0126ac-7df0-4f6a-9653-75d6f2ddca93?page=2 which refers to an almost identical problem in Recording Devices. The solution there was to uninstall a third-party “Touch-Base Universal Pointer Device Driver (UPDD)”.

If that does not help, I would right-click the Windows button, choose “Event Viewer” and see if there are clues about what exactly is failing. You might be able to find the same fault noted in Reliability Monitor, which is easier to use. To open that, click the Windows button, type “reliability” (without the quotes) and click the search result that appears.

If that does not help, right-click the Windows button, choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”. In the window that appears, type


then hit ENTER on your keyboard. This will check for system file errors and attempt to repair them.


Thank you for the prompt reply. It gives me a couple of things to try.

Touch Pad Driver.png
I found a driver for the touch pad, as shown in the attached figure. In looking over its details, it refers to the PS/2 port. I do not use the tuch pad, and my mouse is connected via USB port. IT seems that I can do without this driver, but I have not uninstalled it yet.

What do you think? I am operating out of my comfort zone right now.

Currently I am running SCANNOW, and have not really down anything else.

TIA for any help.

It would be better to look at Reliability Monitor or Event Viewer to determine what the faulting module is. If you can’t recall the time it last happened, you could trigger it again.

If you don’t use the Touch Pad, it won’t hurt to uninstall it, but it may not be the cause of the problem. When you uninstall it from Device Manager, leave the box containing the option to remove the software unchecked (unticked). Then you should be able to reinstall the Touch Pad from Program Files\Synaptics.

Even if not, you can go to your computer manufacturer’s site to download and install new Touch Pad drivers, if you decide to reinstall the Touch Pad.