Unable to record from DJ mixer to Audacity

After reformatting my laptop I’m unable to record my DJ mixes. To record I use a double RCA to stereo jack.

Double RCA into the record out of the mixer, and the stereo jack into the record input of my laptop.


When I hit click record on Audacity all I get is a flat line and no audio comes through at all.

My Audacity record settings seem pretty standard - Using Stereo Mix.


One thing I’ve found really strange is this:

I installed the free audio program WavePad and it also had the same issue using Stereo Mix. Nothing would come through. However once I changed the recording input to “[ASIO] Realtek ASIO”. The recording came through perfectly.

Can anyone shed some light as to why this is happening? Is Audacity supposed to have some sort of Asio audio driver I’m not aware of?

Stop using ASIO and Stereo Mix.

Use the plain Audacity.

Change the Windows audio settings so it can “see” the stereo Line-In (that I’m assuming you have). After that, set Audacity to see the same thing and the mixer sound should arrive in perfect order.

I recently did this with my Win7 machine. Right-click the little speaker on the lower right > Open Volume Mixer.
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 16.35.17.png
See the green bouncing lights? Once you get those, open up Audacity and set the input config (microphone icon) to the same thing. Can you tell I’m not a Windows elf? Windows must be able to see your sound before Audacity is going to work.


Audacity doesn’t support ASIO unless you recompiled the Audacity Program. Did you do that? If you don’t know what that means, you didn’t. Recompiling lives in your memory for a long time.


I don’t have the Line-in option.

I haven’t done that, no.

In my recording devices these are the only options I have.

After reformatting my laptop

That’s a pretty serious move. Why did you do that?

If nothing else works, this is the desperation method.

Thats a Behringer UCA-202. It’s bidirectional stereo and has local monitoring.

Does your laptop look more or less like this?

This machine has no stereo line-In.

This is where an actual Windows elf pops in to solve this.

Stereo Mix is used when you need to run both sides of the machine at once. Generally, you play something like music service or YouTube and then record to Audacity or another production program. Stereo Mix makes all sound services on the machine available. Did you notice that machine effects such as warning sounds or activity clicks or beeps got recorded, too? What’s why.

I have no idea why some of your computer services vanished. There is a very common problem with Windows 10 where an upgrade makes non-supported hardware and software go missing. But not Win7.


There was a little too much clutter from various things over the years.

It does, yes.

I’ll give the Behringer a go.

Thanks Koz.