Unable to open MP3 created by Real Downloader

I used Raal Downloader to capture a video of a concert and then convert it to MP3. I want to split the MP3 into separate tracks.

When I try to open the MP3 created by Real Downloader, I get an error saying: “MP3 Decoding Failed: bad audio data length”

Any thoughts on how to open the MP3 in Audacity?

TIA for all contributions.

Ken Y
Glenside, PA

There were some recent changes that make Audacity less tolerant of noncompliant MP3s… (I think the developers are working on an option to warn you, and then allowing you to continue.)

Try converting the MP3 to WAV with [u]TAudioConverter[/u]. Audacity has to decompress MP3 anyway so technically converting to WAV first is no different. It’s just an extra step for you.

NOTE - If you re-export as MP3 you are going through another generation of lossy compression and “damage” does accumulate. (Of course that also happens if Audacity can successfully open and decompress the MP3.) And, the original audio/video file probably has lossy audio compression so you’re already at 2 generations. You might not hear any difference but it’s something you should be aware of and you should try to minimize the number of times it’s compressed. On the other hand, you will end-up with a proper-compliant MP3 file. :wink:

There is a program called [u]MP3DirectCut[/u] that can do some limited editing (cutting, joining, changing the volume) without decompressing.

I went to CNET.COM to download TAudioConverter, but the download was blocked by MalwareBytes Pro as containing malware.

I used RealConverter to convert the MP3 to WAV and will use Audacity to break up the file into separate tracks. But I’m a little fuzzy on how to do that.

I remember several years ago I just put in markers where I wanted the tracks split, but I can’t find anything in the menus that looks like inserting a marker. I know I could select a track then export it, but I’d rather just find all the places where the applause ends after a song, and then put a marker in, then go to the next place where a song & applause ends and put another marker, then just export ALL the tracks at once.

Can anyone give me the steps to do this?

Thanks in Advance for any help with this.

Glenside, PA

The way I split files is to select/highlight one song at a time and then File → Export → Export Selected Audio. (Then I usually end-up re-opening the individual files for a little more careful trimming.)

Or, there is a way to [u]automate the process using labels[/u].

I went to CNET.COM to download TAudioConverter

Not a problem since you found an alternative but that’s not the link I gave you. :wink: But, I thought CNET used to be reputable. I just recently downloaded it from FOSSHUB and installed it on a couple of new computers and Malwarebytes didn’t flag it… and nothing “bad” happened. (I don’t normally have Malwarebytes Premium but it’s running the free trial on the new computers.)

I followed your link for TAudioConverter, but I could not find a hot button anywhere on that page to actual start the download. Maybe I just missed it, but I moved my mouse cursor over every word in that page and couldn’t find a download trigger.

That’s why I went to CNet for the download.

Please tell me how I missed the download hot spot.

Glenside, PA

I clicked the link “TAudioConverter 64-bit Windows Installer”.

My browser’s download dialog pops-up and I can download or run a file named xTAC(0.9.9)setup_64bit.exe

@KYAudacityUser - there is a good reason why we don’t use “download” buttons. The short story is that no matter what we do, the misleading ads will always find a way to show up a more extensive “download button,” being either an image or a standard text. Anyway, we made a post on our blog about the download button: https://blog.fosshub.com/fosshub-and-the-story-of-the-download-button/

We always used download links, so most users that use FossHub know that and ignore our single ad.

There’s an upcoming significant change for FossHub to try something new regarding our download links. Hopefully, our download links will be more visible.

@DVDdoug - I noticed you recommend TAudioConverter. No problem, if the software does its job, it is excellent. However, I discussed it with the team behind it, and they said they have no plans to release a new version. They did publish a similar tool named Kabuu Audio Converter. I mentioned this just in case you are not aware, here is the project page: https://www.fosshub.com/Kabuu-Audio-Converter.html

Thanks FossHub. I had the feeling that TAudioConverter was no longer supported but I wasn’t having any (major) issues with it. I’ll give Kabuu a try.