Unable to monitor noise floor - getting error code 9999

Good Afternoon,
I am using Audacity 2.3.0 on Windows 10. When I attempt to monitor my noise floor before recording, I’m getting error code 9999. I have repeatedly restarted the application as well as my computer and I am still unable to monitor the noise floor. Please see the attached screenshot with the error code. This was occurring intermittently a few days ago, but now it happens all the time. Thank you.

Error Code 9999.JPG

Unfortunately that error code is rather general. It means that “something” interrupted the audio stream. It could be that the USB socket is loose, or it could be that the computer’s CPU was too busy (can be caused by Windows or some program updating), or that you are going through a USB hub, or some other reason.

I’d definitely suggest that you carefully check the leads and plugs, and if possible try a different USB socket.
If you’re using the Behringer over a USB hub, don’t. Audio devices should be connected directly to the computer.
Check that Windows, your anti-virus, and any other programs that update automatically, are fully updated.
Avoid running other programs at the same time as recording - especially programs that are heavy on disk or CPU.

I attempt to monitor my noise floor before recording

By doing what? I can totally think of ways to do that, but I’m wondering how you were going to do it.

As Steve above, your computer lost contact with your microphone. Probably the worst problem might be the computer is too busy. Now you get to figure out why.


Thank you for your replies. This has been happening very intermittently. Shortly after submitting my first post, everything was fine. Today, I opened up Audacity, clicked to monitor my levels and everything was fine. I continued working and that error came up again. I’m now unable to record. This started happening after I updated Audacity to the latest version a couple of weeks ago. Prior to updating Audacity, I have had NO problems. My settings have not changed in the past year, the only change has been updating Audacity. Is there a way I can go back to the previous version until this is fixed? I’m unable to work. Thank you.

That is not the only change. Windows has probably had several updates. Your hard drive is probably has less free space. The USB cable and sockets are older and possibly more worn…

You can get Audacity 2.2.2 from here: Audacity download latest version Click on the “older versions” tab below the list of files. Let us know if that completely fixes the problem, or if you still intermittently get the problem.

Apologies for the tone on my last post. :neutral_face: Was extremely frustrated at the situation. Anyways, I was able to figure out what the problem was. I had a video app up in the background which I’m guessing taxed the CPU. That seemed to have fixed the problem, so now, if I need the video app, I just close it before working in Audacity. Thanks for the help. :smiley: