unable to listen to track while recording

please help,
I am unable to listen to the backing track whilst recording on another. If I put the overdub or playthrough on then try and record I get the time line disabled red flags come up and it just freezes.
we have recorded on it without this issue happening for some time now so a bit gob smacked as to why it is suddenly doing this??

Overdub → On (enabled)
Software Playthrough → Off (disabled)

In the Device Toolbar:
host → MME
Recording device → Your microphone
Playback device → Your headphones

I have put the overdub on and the software playthrough off mme and rubix 44 input mike and output but still no joy the red flags come up …disable timer and the recording just stops there, very very frustrating it has been working perfectly up till now so need to get to the bottom of it. regards Ed

I put the overdub on playthrough off mme rubix mike in rubix speakers out still getting the red flags and the recording just freezes as soon as i press the record button

could it be something to do with the bit rate or some other setting which I have overlooked…?
though I haven’t changed any and it was working fine up until now

What do you mean by “the red flags”?
Are you referring to the green / red triangle on the left hand end of the Timeline (time ruler)?

yes the 2 upside down triangles just sit there and not able to record

the last time it happened you mentioned about setting the bit rate and that fixed the issue and we have been recording happily since then.
I cant remember what the settings were but I havent touched them so all seems a bit odd

Your previous topic is here: recording whilst listening to another track
Let us know how you get on.

checked the rate in the bottom left is 44100 and hasnt been changed
very frustrating still cannot record and hear the backing track the red triangles still appear

Did you check the sample rate in the Windows Sound control panel? The thing that causes the problem (on some machines) is when the settings don’t match. There are three “sample rate” settings that should all be the same:

  1. In the Recording tab of the Windows Sound control panel
  2. In the Playback tab of the Windows Sound control panel
  3. Audacity’s “Project Rate”

Steve now youre a double legend!
bang on! all good but dumbfounded to know how it got changed in the sound control panel as we dont go there
Many thanks
cheers Ed

Windows works in mysterious ways. :confused:
I have also noticed that the sample rate settings in the Sound control panel may sometimes change without me changing them. I don’t know if it’s something that Windows Update might do, or some other application (conferencing software such as Skype / Zoom are quite aggressive in how they handle the sound system).