Unable to listen to music after MP3 export

I recently downloaded Audacity 3.0.2. While it works wonderfully for recording transferring and converting files into the .aup3 format, exporting the files into MP3s became a problem. After the recorded files are exported as an MP3, it is unable to play on my music player. When trying to re-render them, I only get a second of music instead of the whole duration. I went through and try the methods from the forums to possibly fix the problem. Unfortunately, I am now at a stalemate. Are there other alternatives to repair the MP3 export?

Personally, I am not experienced with, but others on the forum recommend, MP3 Diags

For me, I would try importing the subject MP3 file into a new Audacity project and then taking a look at it from Audacity.

Have you tried making, say, a short 10 second recording and exporting to .WAV ?

I’ll give that a try and see if that works.

I tried out the method you suggested and unfortunately, I got the same results out of the .wav file conversion. I tried to see if it affected the other file renders as well. Some odd reason, they work well in audacity. They only buffer on a music player at 0:00.

What do you mean by: “the other file renders”?

AAC and FLAC. This morning I was able to solve the problem with the errors. In order for the audio exports to work correctly, you’ll need to restart the computer after the installation of Audacity 3.0.2 and 3.0.3. Would be nice to have a notification text to reboot the computer for future versions of Audacity for current and new users alike. I still like to thank both team members for trying to help me solve the problem. Keep up the great work.

Rebooting isn’t normally necessary after installing Audacity, though it’s perfectly possible that some other app or background process could be hogging a resource that Audacity requires - rebooting would release the resource.

It amazes me that even well into the 21st century “reboot the computer” remains an effective fix for so many Windows problems.