Unable to export - Error:694

I’m trying to export an audio file as a signed 32 bit PCM WAV file as I normally do but I am now getting the above error. There is plenty of space on the hard drive and I have never had this error before. I am running Audacity 3.0.2.

I would be very grateful if you could help with this problem.

Kind regards

Alan Jenks

I’ve never heard of that error before :confused:

Does the error message say anything other than “Error:694”?
When exactly does it appear?
Perhaps a screenshot might help us to identify it.

Also, sometimes there is additional information at Help > Diagnostics > Show Log

No other information is displayed, it seems to go through the procedure but fails at the very end.
I’m using the latest version of Audacity (3.0.2).
I’m also using Windows 10 Home, Version 20H2, Build 19042.1110

Do you still get the error when you:

  1. try exporting to a different format, say .mp3 for starters ?

  2. try exporting only a portion of your audio ?

The file will export as an MP3, but I now suspect that it may be a problem with that particular file because I have just exported a very similar but different file as a WAV file with no problem at all. I think my best approach will be to delete the original file and then try to recreate it, then try again.

What did you do about this?

I’ll be honest, I failed to notice the ‘Remember’ box! That has cured the issue, thank you all for your help, I think I was too engrossed in the error code to notice it!