Unable to export all 4 tracks as a WAV file

I have a four track song that I have worked on on Audacity and have exported as a WAV and as an Mp3 file. When I opened the files in their destination folders, only 2 of the 4 tracks had been exported. What have I done wrong?

Muted two of the tracks? Muted tracks do not export.


I’ve just gone back into the Audacity file to check that. I didn’t think I had, but must have. I’ve just tried again and managed to get all 4 tracks,so thanks. Is there a way with Audacity to export live mixing? eg changing the panning during the piece that is copied onto the export?

The only high quality way I can immediately think of would be to Edit > Duplicate the track you want to have a changing pan, pan one copy hard left and the other hard right, then press F2 to make a different volume envelope for each track. For example, fade in the left-panned track and fade out the right-panned track which will make the track seem to pan from right to left over time.

You could also record the track as you play it while modifying the pan, then export the recorded track. That would be slightly lossy.


Thanks Gale
I’ll try that.