Unable to drag or trim audio clips

Everything was working just fine but now I’m trying to long click and drag clips and nothing is happening. When I bring my clicker to the drag bar, the pointer will turn into a hand symbol. However when when I long press it turns back into a pointer and my clips won’t move. I’m not trying to move them onto another track. I’m also trying to trim and a similar thing happens. The pointer will turn into a double ended black cursor but as soon as I long press to get edit the clip, it turns back into a pointer and nothing will happen. I’m using 3.2.3 on windows 10. Is this a bug?

That happens when the pointer is >0.5 …
Audcaity 3-2-.gif

If you generate a 3-second tone then select the audio between 1 and 2 seconds, and Ctrl-I to split, the first track now has three clips. If you try to drag the second of these three clips, it doesn’t want to move, as it is bound. However, you can move it if you do Track > Add New Tracks. Then you can move the track down and slide it back and forth. A perhaps easier way to move it is to first zoom out, then you can move it all the way past the 3rd clip.

If your cursor is turning back into a pointer, perhaps you are have having mouse problems. I would start by checking the battery in the mouse - if that is OK, then I would try rebooting.