Unable To copy or transfer audio files to a usb stick

Unable to copy or transfer audio files/file to a usb memory stick.

Usually when I hit export the options are black but now it’s grey and nothing happens. Got one individual file transferred/copied as a WAV file but cannot get back or do it again for other files.

All my memory sticks are formatted FAT32. An update to the File Allocation Table circa 1980.

Are you exporting your files to your internal drive and then moving the files back and forth to your thumb drive with Audacity off? Try that.

Audacity doesn’t much like talking directly to external, network, or cloud drives.

If that fails, you may have a broken USB service or defective thumb drive.

They have size limits, too. Your show can’t be larger than 4GB. That’s another limit to FAT32.


USB sticks can be formatted to either NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT file systems.
The NTFS format adds the ability to read and write files larger than 4 GB, and create partitions larger than 32 GB.
The exFAT format combines the essential advantages of FAT (speed) and NTFS (supported large files): the maximum single file size is increased to 16 Exabytes (16 billion Gigabytes), and over 1000 files can be saved per folder.
For detailed explanations, have a look at the following pages:
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